Saturday, October 16, 2010

Update and Ramble

Hey all
This is just a ramble post about what Iv been up to lately and some new hair chronicles..
I haven't been able to upload my new video yet for some reason you tube wont do it or my internet connection is not working properly, really bugging me.
I cut my hair! 
My hair has gone through couple changes in the last 6 months. I died it bright carrot orange red a few months ago which was cool , i felt like a cartoon character haha but that totally ruined my hair and now i had to chop it all off! Thank God i did cause I'm absolutely loving it baby!

Check me out ... curly and carefree, straight and sexy! I feel great!

Hopefully I will get to recording more videos in the upcoming weeks, iv been busy with freelance work shoots, weddings etc so have not had any time. I also been partying too hard and been to hungover half the time! naughty me!
Anyway stay tuned...promise to bring some more tutorials and blog posts..
much love 
Ciao bellas!

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