Saturday, October 02, 2010

Product Review :Amazing Eye balm!

Hey all!
Hope your all doing well, because i am! I'm so enjoying blogging and recording makeup tutorials, and im also done with my finals so pretty happy!
So a couple months ago i had a HUGE issue with adult acne, and let me tell you it wasn't pretty!
I came back from my summer holiday in Italy and broke out in small, red, sore, sensitive rash like acne on my forehead and had it for weeks! Nothing i did would clear it up. I went on Cetaphil cleanser and moisturizer, didn't work.I tried masks, ex-foliating gently to improve the regeneration of skin cells but nothing worked!
So i ended up going to the pharmacy and getting something stronger and more effective. And boy did i find it!
I was prescribed benzyl peroxide cream 10 percent and zinc tablets (as well as replenishing my B complex)
Some of you may not know, but zinc is a fantastic anti oxidant mineral, which helps fight free radicals that contribute to damaged and ageing skin!
So i started taking my supplements, and applying the cream morning and night (as well as protecting my skin with 50 spf) because the peroxide cream makes your skin photosensitive (sun sensitive) and if you dont protect it it can lead to pigmentation.
Two weeks later, my forehead cleared up! I was so happy, but the skin around my eyes became super dry and flaky and uncomfortable. So i after trying out several drugstore brands to no avail, i made my way to one of my favorite organic stores L'Occitane En Provence!

Let me tell you the miracle eye cream i bought!
The wonderful shea butter eye balm!
This is what they say :

This balm provides immediate action to improve surface hydration and stop feelings of discomfort and tightness. With its rich and silky smooth texture, it acts like a comforting caress on the skin: smoothes fine dehydration lines, provides the skin with non-stop, 24-hour intensive hydration, and protects the skin against harsh climatic conditions.
 It really did do just was amazing and still is, i use it morning and night and it got rid of the dryness and is so smooth and moisturizing i absolutely love it!

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