Friday, October 08, 2010

Dry Skin Body Brushing!

Hello beauty geeks!

So as i finished my beauty therapy college, I am now interning at a top spa in town called Cleopatras.
They use products like Clarins and the renowned famous worldwide spa brand Elemis.
I fell in love with British born brand Elemis as soon as i started working with the products. They truly do deliver what they claim the products provide. All natural, very high standards and most importantly effective!

You really do pay for the product here and not just a name or packaging. They use first base extractions from plants and herbs, which make it more expensive but more potent, and you are guaranteed optimum results. They have been around for over 20 years now and still going strong as the worlds leading spa brand! I will be  blogging about the skincare range iv started using soon, once iv given it a couple months trial.
But today, Im going to tell you about dry skin body brushing. Elemis have many philosophies, but one that stands strong and what made Elemis a leading and popular brand is the dry body brushing with there famous Cactus body brush.
This is truly amazing. Use the brush dry every morning. Brush body in the direction of the heart (clockwise) and it will minimize appearance of cellulite. Helps improve circulation and lymphatic flow. The lymphatic system works in conjunction with your blood (circulatory system) to eliminate toxins and waste. It also removes dead skin and ex foliates, refining skin texture and improving over all skin color!
Make sure to either wash it regularly or use the tea tree spray that comes with the range after each use.
Iv been doing it for 2 days now and the difference in my skin is incredible! Soft, smooth radiant and feels like a baby's bum! :)
Until next time!

Ciao Bella's! xoxo

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