Sunday, October 24, 2010

My top must have brushes for your kit!

Hey guys!

Sorry for slacking off a bit with my blog posts and videos, but have been busy with work, interning etc so just haven't had much time on my hands to update!
Anyway, today iv decided to blog about the most important part of!
In particular, brushes. Like an artist cannot live without his to paint, makeup artists or anyone who wish to apply makeup simply can't without top quality brushes. There are many companies on the market that sell good quality brushes so you have no excuse! :) Its important that when buying brushes, you know what to look for and how to take care of them in order for them to last you a long time.
There two types, sable (real hair) usually made from goat, squirrel etc, and synthetic or semi synthetic..oops thats three types hehe..
For powder products its usually best to go for sable because they pick up more product and can be easily washed. For anything cream or liquid, synthetic brushes are best for this, because they are easy to wash and hold up better for oils etc. Don't get me wrong though, i don't believe in rules. Therefore you can use your brushes for anything! Just as long as you wash them with shampoo and treat them with love, then they will last!
So, my top picks? I have made a list of my top brushes that i simply cannot work without, remember though, you don't need to go out and buy 50 brushes, a lot of the times they can be multi purpose.

Mac 239 
Flat stiff brush used for applying color and blending. An essential brush for eyeshadow application. Natural hair 
 Mac 224 
Fluffy dome shaped brush used for blending out eyeshadow and can also be used for concealer application (alessia's tip) Natural hair
Mac 217 
Similar to the 224, but smaller and more dense. Has more hair, which is better for blending and can also be used for applying eyeshadow in the outer eyelid or crease. This is also great for concealer. The holy grail of blending brushes. Natural hair.

Mac 219
Pencil shaped brush used for smudging out eyeshadow, eyeliner and great for detail work in the crease area of eye. Natural hair

     Smashbox slanted brow brush
     I love this because its got a double end. One end is this slanted semi       
     synthetic brush for filling in brows and the other is a straight push liner.
     Essential for brow work and also eyeliner application


Mac 187 
This brush is amazing. Commonly known as the stippling brush, this little baby is specially designed with fiber optic bristles which blend out foundation to a beautiful airbrush finish. Can also be used to apply cream blush and powder products for a lighter finish. Natural and Synthetic
They also have a smaller one which works just as well.

Mac 190
You can find this brush literally anywhere. Its a classic shaped synthetic foundation brush and applies creams, liquids, primers moisturizers..anything! A must have in any kit. Synthetic

Mac 116 
Blush brush ,you can find these anywhere. Medium sized natural bristle brush used for applying powder blush. A classic

This one is from sephora, but again you can find these anywhere. I love this brush for pressed or loose powder and bronzer.

Mac 168 angled 
This is perfect for contouring, highlighting and shading sculpting cheeks and general blush. The fact the its slanted or angled, it fits perfectly in the hollows of the cheeks :)

Those are some of my top favorite brushes, but there are many more that i use as well. It was tough trying to short list the ones i wanted to mention because I'm obsessed with brushes but these are the most essential ones you will need to complete a makeup application that looks professional and polished.
I know its a long post but i hope this will be helpful for those of you who are just starting out. Remember, an artist without tools cannot create art! I'm so cheesy! haha
Take care guys and until next time!
Ciao bellas!

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