Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The History of makeup kits

Hey guys,
I stumbled upon this amazing website that has pictures of old makeup kits..some of these are from the 1900s  which is pretty cool to see... enjoy!

1900 Stage makeup kit, probably for a white male.

 Complete professional actor's kit in it's original tin box, most probably used by a white male in the early 20th century.

Complete and unused white female Max Factor theatrical "student" kit in original box (1940's?)
This one has fake stage money in it...circa 1920s
This one probably belonged to a male actor 
various cream eyeshadow, or greasepaints

I hope you guys enjoyed this. I find it fascinating to learn about what they used to use back in the day for stage and film, but the best is when you actually get to see it for yourself. To me these are relics :) 

Until next time!
Ciao Bellas!


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  3. Hey Alessia! I really enjoyed your post. Never knew that there will come a time that we look at common things for us today but the future's treasure. Your post given me a warm feeling. Thanks. Back to studying Cosmetology CE.



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