Monday, November 15, 2010

The best makeup remover EVER

Happy Eid to all !

This is the best makeup remover on the PLANET!
Seriously, removing makeup is KEY to having clean beautiful skin, so a good makeup remover is pretty hard to find.
I have tried and tested a few but none would remove my mascara or eyeliner very well (yucky black marks on pillow). I found this in beauty bay Oasis Center mall about a year ago and to this day its been my savior.
I have had Lasik so my eyes are super sensitive and i wear a lot of eye makeup regularly so this breaks it down and removes it tears free :)

The Balm, Balms away eye makeup break up is the way to go chicas!
Fortified with antioxidants, vitamins A,C and E and plant derived sterols and lipids, this smooth wax based makeup remover breaks up eye makeup in no time and doesn't sting or irritate the delicate eye area.
Apply a small pea sized amount and gently massage the whole eye area and remove with damp cotton pads!
I love it!
Until next time 
Ciao bella's 

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