Monday, September 20, 2010

Quick & easy Smokey eyes tutorial

Hey everyone!

So today i finally recorded my first EVER makeup tutorial! i kept it pretty simple to start with since i still need to practice my editing and gain some more confidence in talking to a camera but I'm happy how it turned out and super excited to make more!
The look was a simple, quick, classic black Smokey eye, but the twist was..using only one brush to do the eyes!
Alot of times , everyday women who aren't makeup junkies or makeup artists don't own alot of brushes because they cant afford them, or simply cause they don't know how to use half of the ones that are sold on the market!
So this tutorial is to show you that even I as an artist can use just one eyeshadow brush to do this smokey look with no fuss..and so can you!

What I used

Cetaphil moisturizer (as my base)
MAC studio Fix fluid Foundation NC 40
MAC moisture cover concealer NW30
MAC studio fix powder NC41
NYX peach blush
STILA countouring kit
BENEFIT stay dont stray primer
NYX black eyeshadow
EVERSHEEN black eye pencil
MAX FACTOR 2000 calorie mascara
Yves rocher lip pencil nude (any rose colour will do)
Yves rocher lip laquer gloss in rose
Foundation brush (any will do, ex MAC 190)
MAC 239
MAC 116 (i think, its the blush brush)

Heres a pic of the finished look

Check out my Video tutorial!


  1. Thanks for this! I like the simplicity of your smokey eye technique. I've seen so many other tutorials that use all these various products and brushes and I honestly like your outcome the best :-)

    And even though you did a lot of talking in the beginning of the video, once you got into it, it was good stuff. So thanks again!!

  2. Im glad you enjoyed it and benefited from it. I do know sometimes so much choice in the market of brushes and makeup can be so confusing. Smokey eyes is the simplest technique :) This was my first video so yeah..i was blabbering! he he :)



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