Monday, September 20, 2010

Photoshoot for Sony - Online Press release

Hey everyone!

So a while back i collaborated with my favorite super talented team of photographers in Dubai Mariyah and Tina from 77th street productions and did another great shoot featuring the world's smallest and lightest interchange lens digital camera, Sony Gulf FZE revealed its latest product range of the Sony Nex 3 & 5.
Of course, i did the makeup and grooming on both the models for this shoot. The female model's look was strong dark smokey black eyes, very edgy and soft pink glossy lips in one of the shots, and for another shot it was kept clean and natural with just a hint of color on the lips.
Grooming for men is always very minimal, which is to even out skin tone, keeping lips moisturized and brushing brows into place and most importantly preventing a shiny face!
Thanks to the beautiful models Evelyn (fellow Italian) and Sam.
And of course thanks to Tina and Mariyah for continuing to trust me to do my magic on shoots :) Love you guys!
 P.S check out Mariyah and Tinas Fantastic fashion and photography blogs
Ciao bellas!
Ales xoxo


  1. This is not just for press release, you should have seen this in some of our ads. I'll send you the artwork.

  2. hey please do email me at I would love to see them :)



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