Friday, September 17, 2010

New Blog and youtube

Ciao bella's!
So iv Finally decided to start my blog and youtube tutorials. Id like to introduce myself a little bit and tell you what iv in store for the next couple weeks...
Iv been a makeup artist for about 4 years now living and working in Dubai, UAE.
Im italian, but i grew up in the middle east.
Iv always loved beauty coming from Milan, one of the fashion capitals, and also having a very fashion conscious mother so i started from a young age.

I finished high school knowing i wanted to pursue beauty, so i took a short course in makeup and got a job at MAC. I learnt so much working at the counter and getting training, i loved it! Although i wanted a bigger challenge. I decided to pursue my career on my own and go solo. So iv been working as freelancer ever since.
I absolutely adore my job and wouldnt have it any other way. Sometimes, like everyone i get discouraged and insecure but then i get a call and i go do a bride, or a model for a shoot and i get all my confidence back! Cause thats what my job is about! Its my passion, and i cant imagine doing something else.

I now have also started training to qualify in beauty therapy, so by the end of 2010 il have my qualifications in skin,body and aesthetic therapy. I have found another passion to add to my credentials.

I love making women feel good about themselves. Makeup can honestly inspire people and transform. I believe its a true art. You can learn so much about yourself that you never knew.
I started watching youtube channels in 2008 and now im making my own. Stay tuned for my first video...:)
Here are some videos il be doing in the next coming weeks....
* Missoni fall/winter 2010 inspired look
* Perfect skin using simple techniques
* Chocolate smokey eyes/crimson lips trend f/w 2010 trend
* simple smokey eyes using one brush
* Fun video- whats in my handbag?
If you have any requests..please email them to me and id love to do a video for you!

I appreciate constructive feedback, and i believe you can always learn new things everyday and thats how you grow both as a person and as an artist. :)

"There are no rules to makeup"- Kevyn Aucoin

p.s..once my first tutorial is up il post the link on my blog..still trying to learn some editing skills hehe


  1. yaaaaaaaaaay soooooo happy for you babe!!! good for you!! wishing you much much success!!

    a note -- the white letters on black background is hurting my eyes :( maybe you can try a different color scheme?? xx

  2. thanks for your opinion lina appreciate it.. although i really like the white against the black it stands out. :) might make it a softer greyish instead but keeping it light. xxxx subscribe to my blog and youtube if your on it. xx



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