Saturday, September 18, 2010

Inspiration moment

Ciao Bellas!
Last night i went out with my wonderful friends Elias, Catherine, and Mj to some posh places in town and ended up clubbing in Cavalli(Roberto Cavallis club in Dubai). I had a fantastic time.
My inspiration for what to wear came by mistake early on in the day when i went for sushi. I was wearing my hair up in a high bun and had a gold and sparkly headband on. Cath said it suited me because normally i NEVER wear my hair up! .....

So i got dressed in a little black dress and switched the gold headband to a silver one and i instantly felt like my
all time favourite actress, style icon, and amazing woman Audrey Hepburn. My absolute obsession of mine was particularly breakfast at Tiffany's where she played Holly Golightly and i felt like her last night haha!! (And a bit like Amy Winehouse since i was abit drunk)!:)

She is truly such an iconic figure in film and fashion and i always take inspiration from her for makeup looks because she was and always will be a timeless beauty.
Here are some wonderful pics of Audrey and the only pic i took of the night!

I think il do a makeup tutorial with the hairstyle i was wearing sometime soon!

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