Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Hey everyone!

Just a quick update in regards to why i havent made any youtube tutorials and why my blog isnt being updated regularly. I now have a fulltime job as a beauty therapy and makeup artistry teacher at Academie Esthetique, which is a french beauty school here in Dubai. Its an excellent opportunity and im happy to be taking up a new and exciting role in the beauty industry.
I am still freelancing on the weekends doing makeup, but I am so overloaded with work, class modules, preparations for students etc that by the time i get home im exhausted and making a youtube tutorial is quite the task. I do however, promise to make some time on the weekends to do some. Maybe i will pre record a few.
I hope you all understand and every now and then stop and check if i have updated my blog and youtube channel, just wont be as often as i would like it to be.

On another note, i have switched my skincare routine, AGAIN. From using Elemis, i am now using Proactive solution. It is a medicated routine for mild to moderate acne as i have been having awful breakouts the last few months. I am hoping this will help as i have heard good things about it. The main ingrediant is Benzyl peroxide which dries out acne. Anyway will keep you updated on the results.

Have a good day and i will chat to you all soon! :)

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  1. Hey beautiful! That all sounds soooo cool! What are you exactly teaching? What are the modules? How many students do you have? tell tell xxx Toni



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