Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Flawless Face

So I thought I would share something with you guys in regards to getting that "perfect" flawless finish when you apply foundation. There is no question about it, how important moisture is for our skin. Well, I did a test.
Normally, I would apply a normal size pea amount of moisturizer evenly on my face, primer then foundation. The result would be an even finish, BUT, there's always room for improvement.

This time I LATHERED my face in Cetaphil moisturizer, which is extremely rich and my skin just soaks it up with a foundation brush and followed it with my liquid foundatin (that moment I picked up MACs studio fix).
WOW! The result was absolutely beautiful. My foundation went on like butter and just "melted" into my skin which resulted in a beyond flawless amazing smooth finish and it looked natural.

So have a look, a before and after picture :) Yes my skin is not perfect, but I can fake it, oh yes I can! If your skin is oily, chances are you wont need as much moisturizer, but if you drench your skin with something oil free, the results are mindblowing!

I honestly can say that this is the BEST way to prime and prepare your skin. I didnt even use my usual primers like smashbox or L'oreal resurfacing. My skin just drank up all the moisture and foundation is now undetectable, which is how it should be.
Try it, it will amaze you!


  1. Hey I'm also in the United Arab Emirates where can I find Cetaphil?

  2. Any drugstore or pharmacies should have it! Sorry for the late response! its a fantastic lotion for all skin types!



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