Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Perfect Peach

So the other day while browsing the makeup shops "as usual", I was actually on the search for the perfect peach blush. I wanted a matte finish, peach with no pink in it whatsoever. I know MAC does peaches, but im so bored of the same old products and I used that one to death when I worked there.
I didnt find one unfortanely. However, I did find an eyeshadow. Benefit's powder eyeshadow in "shallow" was the perfect peach. I tried it on my cheeks and Voila!

The great thing about makeup is that you dont always have to play by the rules. I have been wearing this eyeshadow as blush all week and i love it! I will show you how it looks on my cheeks soon.  It is so longlasting, even more so than regular blush formulas!


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